Wavve Template | Interview

Add a headshot, name, and description of your podcast guest.


1. Overline (optional)

The small colored text at the top

2. Title (optional)

The main title.

3. Thumbnail Image (optional)

If included, appears towards the bottom left

4. Name (optional)

Name of interviewee

5. Description (optional)

Brief description of the interviewee

6. Accent Color

The accent color used

7. Captions

Should we make room at the bottom for adding captions later?

Check out the API docs for complete details.

  "serviceId": "aafe9326-1550-4041-863e-0d80baeb3e25",
  "input": {
    "overline": "Ted Talks Daily",
    "title": "An ingenious proposal for scaling up marine protection",
    "headshotUrl": "https://example.com/your-image.png",
    "name": "With Mark Tercek",
    "description": "CEO of The Nature Conservancy",
    "accentColor": "#FB4141",
    "captions": "true"